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Whitney Hayden About Me

Hello, I am Whitney Hayden, currently a designer at Robin Easter Design in Knoxville, Tennessee. I graduated with my BFA in Graphic Design from the University of Tennessee in May of 2010.

I have a passion for beautiful things. I came into design with a love for all aspects of art. After 14 years of ballet, 10 years of piano, and an intense love for drawing and painting, I can't seem to escape this realm. My approach to design is both artistic and methodical, thinking through every detail. I love that my job allows me to work on so many different subjects and in varying media, so I am learning and discovering new things each day. I am constantly being inspired by what is happening in design today, but I am also a serious history lover, so I pull a great deal of inspiration from days gone by.

I am still really proud of my academic work so please don't hesitate to check that out. If you are looking for more real world application and my current work, check out my professional portfolio. Enjoy!

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